OTT Streaming

ViewSat's OTT streaming service is perfect for startups and existing channels. Whether TV or radio, our streaming services enables your audience to engage with your content from anywhere in the world; all that is needed is a smart device and an internet connection. Our capped monthly plans and custom analytics enable you to stay in control of bandwith usage and avoiding nasty billing surpises at month end.

The ViewSat standard is to monitor at every stage of the distribution process and this theme continues with our streaming offering. We have a dedicated 24/7 MCR team who are able to reply to any queries in under 15 minutes. Our streaming service can be up and running in two business days and with no 3rd party adverts to distract from your content, ViewSat is the obvious choice for OTT streaming.

Please see below for a selection of the most common questions that streaming channels ask:

How do I put my stream on my website?
The embeded code for your stream is created via an online control panel which you will be given login details for. You can copy the embedded code and paste it into the back-end of your website.

Can I see how much bandwidth I have used?
Our online analytic tool gives insight into bandwidth used, location of viewer IP address, daily hits and more.

Do my viewers need good internet download speed to view my stream?
Our streaming services come with adaptive bitrate (ABR) as standard and ensures that viewers can view the stream seamlessly on mobile, tablet, desktop & smart TV. First we send the smallest streaming profile to the viewer's device. If the device can handle better quality for the internet download speed available, the CDN sends a higher streaming profile to the device, resulting in better viewing quality.

Are there addition setup charges for ViewSat's OTT streaming service?
The great thing about our OTT streaming services is that there are no setup charges and no need to purchase additional hardware.

What happens when my bandwidth has been used up?
When the your bandwidth has been used up, your audience will no longer be able to watch the stream. We send you notifications when 60%, 80% and 100% of the contracted bandwidth has been used. This enables you to always be in control.

How can I top-up my bandwidth?
Customers must get in touch with local ViewSat account manager or with us here at ViewSat HQ and we will deal with any of your requests to upgrade as soon as possible.

How many minutes streaming do I get for 1TB?
This depends on the internet speed that your viewer is using. For example:
1TB gives you on average 140,000 streaming minutes @ 1,000kbps download speed.

How many viewers can watch at the same time?
ViewSat's OTT streaming service enables an unlimited amount of concurrent viewers (up until the customer's contracted bandwidth limit is reached). Customers expecting high volumes of traffic should upgrade to a higher bandwidth package.

To find our more about how our OTT streaming service can help you reach further get in contact today.