Re-Tuning your DSTV Decoder to pick up MPEG4 Free to Air Channels

At Viewsat, an issue we get asked a lot about is “How do I tune my DSTV decoder so I can see free to air MPEG4 channels that are broadcasting on IS20?”.

Which is a very good question. Sometimes the answer may not be entirely obvious, and you may be considering buying a whole new DSTV decoder to solve that problem.

Below you will find a step by step guide to retuning your decoder as often as you like, as companies can change their decoder software often, and without warning. This article is aimed at general re-scans for lots of channels. If you are having trouble locating a specific channel, we highly recommend going to the company/people running that channel and ask for specific help from them directly on how to scan for their channel.

These are the instructions for re-scanning using a DSTV Model 4u Decoder, different boxes may vary slightly in how you re-scan with them:

  1. Press the Blue DSTV Button
  2. Press the right arrow key to get to the “Settings” menu
  3. Scroll down until you reach “Satellite Settings” and select it
  4. Press the right arrow key once, then press the down arrow key once to reach “Additional Networks” and select it.
  5. Set the follow values:
    • Select Network 1/2
    • Enable Network: Yes
    • USE NIT: Yes
    • Frequency: 12682 (Use the left arrow to delete where appropriate)
    • Modulation: DVB-S
    • Symbol Rate: 30,000
    • FEC 2/3
    • Polarisation: Vertical
  6. Check you signal details on the right side for positive results
  7. Select either “Scan This” or “Scan All”

Once the scan has finished:

  1. Press the “OPT” button
  2. Scroll down to “Channel Group” and set ALL CHANNELS (it may only show DSTV channels and not all channels if you do not do this)
  3. Once this is set, browse for a channel of your choosing.

You may have to re-enable “ALL CHANNELS” to see your desired channel every 24 hours. This is a software issue with DSTV.

And you’re done! You can enjoy all that MPEG4 Free to Air channels have to offer! However, what if you wanted to make content for TV? Viewsat can help you there. We offer a variety of packages to help people from all areas get themselves started in broadcasting across the globe. Get in contact with us today and we will put you in touch with one of our regional sales managers and move you one step closer to the silver screen.

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