Viewsat is pleased to announce the launch of its 3rd platform on IS 10 KU Band @ 68.5 Degrees East

09 August 2017

Serving the direct-to-home market across Sub-Saharan Africa IS10 KU is Co positioned with IS7 KU Band making this the premier satellite neighbourhood for Sub-Saharan Africa, reaching more than 39million TV households Viewsat is able to recieve signals via satellite turnaround or fiber.
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The Right People for the Job – A Specialist Team for a Specialist Service at ViewSat

01 August 2017

With capacity spanning six continents and the technology to support a growing number of channels, Viewsat has further supported its growth through investment in expertise. With previous experience in diverse and respected companies, Viewsat is now recognised as a force in the industry and as such are able to attract a high calibre of staff to support its output.
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