Hi Impact TV

Hi Impact TV is one of the first channels of its kind on Viewsat’s platform and is shaping the future of content delivery into the region.

Hi Impact TV officially launches from Hi Impact Planet, a subsidiary of Solution Media & Infotech, with a live broadcast from the Lagos based theme park on the 29/05/2018. The goal is to go far beyond the typical low-quality distribution associated with African FTA channels. The decision was made to distribute in 1080i HD MPEG-4/DVB with an aim to attract the top end audiences available within the Intelsat 20 satellite footprint in line with the companies broadcasting strategy.

Hi Impact TV chose Viewsat as their distribution partner because of our 10+ years of experience sourcing the best free-to-air TV marketplaces and providing professional end-to-end broadcasting solutions throughout the African continent. For more information about our services get in touch.