ZOE TV is a non-commercial gospel television ministry established in 2015, led by Pastor Kelvin Kwesi Kobiri. TV has been the major medium through which the organisation has been able to reach millions of viewers worldwide.

Pastor Kelvin Kwesi Kobiri first launched with Viewsat in 2014 on Intelsat 20 via our free to air DTH platform, reaching viewership in Sub-Saharan Africa & Europe. With support from Viewsat, ZOE TV made the jump in 2016 to reach diaspora in North America via Intelsat Galaxy 19.


ZOE TV manage playout from their HQ in Ghana, contributing the feed via our protected IP contribution solution. This professional and cost-effective way to integrate an existing playout solution with our headend, combined with our impressive distribution quality, is one of the many reasons that ZOE TV has remained with Viewsat over the years.