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Carefully selected platforms to compliment your broadcasting strategy

Viewsat has vast experience working with clients of all sizes and from all countries. We understand that each client’s needs are individual and our service offering can be taken as a whole turnkey solution or we can fit one of our services into your existing process. From our broadcasting services, OTT streaming, playout and satellite uplinks, we can offer a strategy tailored to your organisation.


Our satellite, IP and fibre networks provide a global communications network to broadcast audio and visual content direct to homes, studios or cable head ends across every continent.


Re-Tuning your DSTV Decoder to pick up MPEG4 Free to Air Channels

At Viewsat, an issue we get asked a lot about is “How do I tune my DSTV decoder so I can see free to air MPEG4 channels that are broadcasting on IS20?”.

Social Media, DVR & Donation Buttons

Viewsat has added new OTT distribution solutions to enable broadcasting of linear content across Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

HD channel numbers at 7/8° West on the increase

HD capacity is becoming increasingly popular in the MENA region, with the number of HD equipped homes now reaching 18.2 million