Broadcast across the world with Viewsat

Viewsat provides satellite TV and radio services through a global satellite network, enabling worldwide channel visibility. Our networks are continually growing and expanding as we improve our coverage for our clients.

Our satellite networks provide a global communications network to broadcast audio and visual content direct to home, studios or cable head ends across every continent.  We can deliver your content to any platform, anywhere.


Selecting the right satellite for your channel is a vital in your commercial success. We work with large multi-region channels delivering the highest quality service. We develop long lasting positive relationships with our customers and help them penetrate existing and emerging markets. 

We also have many years experience working with start-up channels and in successfully expanding existing channels into new markets.


From country to continent - ATV expands reach

ATV broadcasts African programming across Sub Saharan Africa. From its origins as a news-based Zimbabwean channel, ATV has developed into a general entertainment channel for the whole continent.

Establishing a new religious channel across Africa

Elshaddai Television Network (ETN) is a Christian broadcasting organisation which, in June 2011, launched a dedicated 24/7 channel reaching homes across the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Establishing a satellite broadcaster in the Libyan market

Libya VSAT is a satellite and broadcasting company, providing network and distribution solutions for the Libyan market.